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    Samples of countertop materials are brought by the craftsman who comes to carry out the surveying. Possible materials of interest can be selected in advance from the sample photos on our website. However, when agreeing on a time for the surveying, it is worth mentioning which materials interest you. That way you can be sure that they are already prepared before arriving, and the surveying and inspection of the materials will go quickly.

    It is difficult to gauge the price of a countertop, as the price of materials can vary by hundreds of euros per square metre. Typically, the price of a countertop is made up of the price of the material, the size of the countertop, the complexity of the countertop (whether it is necessary to cut curved lines, holes, etc.), the complexity of the installation and the desired installation location.

    The exact price will be determined after selecting the material and taking the measurements. A clearly detailed quote will be sent as soon as these important details are known and agreed upon.

    We work all over Estonia and we are prepared to travel to any place where manufacturing and installation of countertops is needed. In addition, we have installed countertops on the Finnish and Swedish markets as well.

    Unfortunately, the whole kitchen cannot be ordered through us, we only handle the surveying and installation of countertops.

    It all depends on the material, but usually the countertop can be in place within 2 weeks.