While quartz is an artificial material, it contains more than 90% of natural stone, which is mixed with dyes, glue and additives that improve the technical properties of the stone.

The additives make quartz countertops one of the most durable option with minimal absorption capacity. As a result, quartz countertops are more resistant to impacts, temperature fluctuations and chemical reactions than marble or granite for example. In addition, quartz countertops are very hygienic because they are not porous and absorb practically no liquids.

Thus, quartz is a practical and long-lasting option, which is also very easy to take care of, since using soap and warm water is sufficient. Still, it should be considered that quartz countertops do not withstand high heat and exposing them to direct UV radiation is not good, which is why we do not recommend using them outdoors.

All countertops offered by us are from brand like Caesarstone, Silestone and TechniStone with grand and long traditions.

Prices per square metre of quartz countertops start from 250 euros and can reach 550 euros for more exclusive materials.