Ceramic countertops are the latest, most modern and certainly the most durable solution. Ceramic countertops are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, and since the range of colours and patterns is extremely wide, ceramics offer a suitable countertop solution for both classical and modern environments.


Ceramic countertops are produced industrially by mixing various natural materials such as sand, clay, feldspar, colour pigments and other minerals. The mineral crumbs are then pressed together under high pressure until they have reached the required strength.

The result is a ceramic countertop with exceptionally high durability, scratch resistance and heat resistance, which also does not absorb liquids. As a result, you can place hot pots and pans on top of the ceramic countertop with no worries, cut even with the sharpest knife without a cutting board, and cook with food and liquids all over the countertop. Cleaning the countertop with a cloth and water is sufficient to restore its nice appearance. Its former shine will been restored.

Since ceramic countertops are UV and frost resistant in addition to the above, they are also suitable for outdoor use, for example in an outdoor kitchen.

Ceramic countertops offered by us are all from the selection of traditional companies like Dekton, which guarantees that the ceramic surfaces are of solid quality and promised durability.

Prices per square metre of ceramic countertops start from 270 euros and can reach 650 euros for more expensive solutions.