Terms of sale and warranty

Quote – The quote is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation (excluding promotional offers).

Price – Always includes with VAT

Product information – Always pay attention to the instructions accompanying the product, which provide information on its use and handling.

Samples and photographs of stone materials characterise the structure, surface treatment and colour of different materials. The final product may differ from the sample.

Delivery terms, delivery time and other circumstances – The delivery time is stated in the price quote. The delivery time may be affected by our suppliers and subcontractors. If the customer is unable to accept the delivery, STONEBRO will not treat it as a delay by us, in which case the customer is obliged to pay the final invoice. If the delay in delivery affects the planned working hours of other contractors, the seller is not obliged to compensate for the resulting damage. If the delivery is delayed by more than six weeks, the customer is entitled to compensation only if a specific written agreement has been concluded.

Upon confirmation of the order and/or receipt of the prepayment, the customer confirms that the details of the order are understandable and that the customer agrees to the terms and the amount payable. The delivered products are considered to be accepted if the customer has signed the acceptance report and any subsequent claims will not be considered.

Warranty – STONEBRO provides a 5-year warranty to its work.

Issues that may occur during surveying, transport or installation are covered by the warranty. We will address any issues that arise after the installation of the surfaces within a reasonable time frame.

The warranty does not cover damage and stains from use, damage caused by improper installation of furniture and issues caused by improper cleaning of countertops or use of improper chemicals.

If it can be proved that the delivered goods are defective and the seller is responsible for these defects, the seller is obliged to replace, repair or reprocess the delivered goods free of charge within a reasonable time. STONEBRO will not pay compensation or damages in a monetary amount, but will instead cover all costs incurred in connection with the necessary works. In the event that the customer has submitted a written application to correct a defect covered by the warranty, but has not received a written response from the seller within 14 days, the customer has the right, after informing the seller, to arrange for the correction of the defect at the seller’s expense or to require the seller to deduct the amount spent from the purchase amount.

Any issues concerning the quantity of goods delivered must be submitted by the customer to the seller in writing within 7 days after the receipt of the goods. The customer is obliged to immediately notify the seller in writing of any issues that have arisen in connection with the quality of the goods. If dismantling old countertops is part of the process, STONEBRO is not responsible for any damage caused by this process.

Payment terms – For certain large orders, a 30% prepayment is required. The money must be transferred to our bank account or the payment must be made with a payment card. The entire invoice (or, in case of prepayment, the balance of the invoice) must be paid on the spot, after the product is installed. Employees of STONEBRO are provided with payment terminals for the customer’s convenience.

Right of withdrawal – The customer has the right of withdrawal without any financial obligation before surveying takes place. If surveying has taken place but the stones have not reached production, the customer is obliged to pay only for the surveying. If surveying is in progress and the stones are in production, the customer has no right of withdrawal and the customer must pay the full amount. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that are custom-made according to the sizing and/or wishes of the customer. Custom-made products are defined as all products which the seller has had to process in any way to adapt the raw materials to the wishes of the customer. If a written agreement is concluded between the customer and the seller to return the ordered products, any costs related to the return process shall be covered by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

Dispute proceedings – Disputes related to the agreement shall be settled by way of arbitration in accordance with the legislation in force in Estonia. However, the seller has the right to bring an action before the court of first instance in order to receive the due claim.

Surveying – STONEBRO always performs its own surveying to avoid any subsequent issues with the installation of the product. Therefore, we do not recommend taking measurements yourself.

In the event that the customer insists on measuring for themselves, the customer is responsible for every detail, and STONEBRO assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the installation or the measurements in the event of any subsequent issues.

In order for STONEBRO to be able to offer the best service to its customers, it is important that we are aware of certain things that can affect our work and price.

In order to calculate the labour demand, please provide correct information about any influencing factors, e.g. presence of a lift, floor, staircase size, landscape conditions (in case of outdoor projects, etc.).


  • Any structures supporting the stone details must be of such quality that stone slabs can be mounted on them. The flatness and curvature must not exceed +/- 3 mm per 5 metres.
  • The customer or its contractor must make high-quality incisions in the countertops for sinks, stoves, etc. It is usually necessary to cut the front edge trim and the side frame a few centimetres smaller at the place where the sink is installed, or in some cases remove the front edge trim completely, without the seller replacing it.
  • Ceramic wall tiles may not be installed in a way that would interfere with the installation of stone details.
  • Where stone countertops are combined with countertops of other materials, these must be installed when the stone details is already in place.
  • The customer or its representative must be present on the construction site to approve the materials and installation work.
  • Small varnish/paint damage may occasionally occur when stone details are installed between walls and/or furniture structures.
    The consumables used by
  • STONEBRO are included in the price of the installation work.

The following activities are not included in the price of installation:

  • Protective covers for floor surfaces. (Due to safety requirements it is not possible for installers to take off shoes since heavy objects are being lifted.)
  • Electrical and plumbing work.
  • Securing loose details, such as mixers, sinks, etc., is not included in the order.
  • Jointing between materials to be placed side by side and materials such as metals, ceramic tiles, splash guards, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning.


You should always consider that stone is a material that is formed in nature and therefore cannot be compared with the samples provided. There may always be larger or smaller variations that are not the responsibility of the seller.

In case of natural stone, the most frequent features to be considered are:

  • Small air bubbles are very common in light Carrara marble. They often appear as small light spots or holes on the countertop.
  • Small unpolished spots or holes are often found in polished granite. The presence of these defects is influenced by the granite variety and lighting conditions.
  • Small notches that can sometimes appear as cracks in the stone.
  • Clear stains in fine-grained granite, no larger than a two-euro coin.
  • Other deviations in colour in the same delivery batch, provided that different stones are taken from the same shipment.
  • In addition to natural variations, high quality improvements made by specialists must also be accepted.

These terms shall enter into force when the customer has confirmed its order either in writing or made a prepayment on the basis of the invoice.